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History & Stories


Screaming Eagle is a unique lounge restaurant on Aruba with Miami-style
lounge atmosphere – edgy interior design – comfortable lounges – trendy French-fusion cuisine

Screaming Eagle Restaurant & Lounge opened June 1st, 2007. The founders team back then were 4 guys who got together to chase the dream of a first class restaurant on Aruba.

In early 2007 we found the right building that was already set up for restaurant operation, located next to the La Quinta Beach Resort on Eagle Beach. Back in the days a restaurant called Cattle Baron Restaurant resided in this building. Later Crustaceans & Steaks Restaurant opened doors after extensive remodeling.

The size of the inside of our Screaming Eagle was wast. Too much space to operate, and also a lack of ambiance characterized the old layout of the restaurant before we finally started our part of another remodeling. We needed an idea to break down the space.

All four of us were long time fans on restaurants like Beds in Miami and especially Supper Club, which was first established in Amsterdam and then multiplied in Capitals all over the world. The lounge idea was born, curtains and beds were to be fit.

The kitchen of Screaming Eagle Restaurant Aruba was powered from the beginning and ever since by Erwin Hüsken. He is unmatched in creativity, innovation and hungry! He invented thousands of new dishes and specials over the years, most of them with seasonal background from Europe but as well influenced by his dutch-indonesian family roots.

Erwin arrived on Aruba in 2002 and started as sous chef at Flying Fishbone Restaurant in Savaneta. He soon became the head chef side by side with Patrick van der Donk who later opened the Amuse Bistro, Palm Beach, Aruba in 2006.

It is safe to say that Erwin’s skills influenced the kitchen of Flying Fishbone Restaurant, Aruba right from the beginning. His experience speaks for itself: back in Holland he worked at De Kastanjehof – Lage Vuursche (Chef Marc Rewinkel), Olivio – Harderwijk (SVH Master Chef Wim Zwaart), Château Neercanne – Maastricht (SVH Master Chef Hans Snijders 1 Michelin star), Hotel Karel V – Utrecht (5 stars), De Nederlanden – Vreeland aan de Vecht (SVH Master Chef Jacob Jan Boerma 2 Michelin stars, he owns now De Leest in Vaassen with 3 stars).

After 5 years as the head chef it was time for the step into his own business, the Screaming Eagle Restaurant & Lounge, Aruba, partnering up with Daniel Kameier, owner, Marcel van Berkum, Restaurant Manager and Sven Schneider, Financial Advisor at Flying Fishbone Restaurant.

Marcel established the art and excellence of service at Screaming Eagle. Before moving to Aruba he worked at the who-is-who of gastronomy in the Netherlands as De Echoput – Apeldoorn (1 Michelin star), De Hoefslag – Bosch en Duin (2 Michelin star) besides others.

To be continued…