Terrine – A frequent visitor on Chef Erwin’s Seasonal Specials menu

Terrine – A frequent visitor on Chef Erwin’s Seasonal Specials menu

Terrines, the shortened name of a dish known classically as pâté en terrine, take years to master.

Though all pâtés are terrines, not all terrines are pâtés. A terrine is a dish of ground meat, organ meat, seafood, vegetables, boiled eggs, herbs and/or other seasonings packed or layered in a ceramic or steel loaf-shaped mold, cooked in a water bath, cooled, turned out and sliced for serving. Sometimes an infused gelatin (called aspic) is set on top for a decorative effect that also adds an additional layer of flavor.

Very classic and delicious!

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Terrine of smoked eel and duck liver served with Parma ham, chioggia beet, apple, affilla cress, rosemary brioche and apple jelly

Smoked halibut and croquette of Dutch shrimp camera icon with rucola, crispy capers, Dutch pickle and coarse mustard mayonnaise

Creamy broccoli soup with salmon cubes and old Amsterdam cheese croutons


Pan fried european sea bass fillet served with mashed potato, creamy leek and Dutch mussels in melted garlic-herb butter

Herb crusted pork tenderloin with pied de mouton mushrooms, potato gratin and creamy mustard sauce

Braised beef brisket and melted duck liver served with mashed potato, caramelized onions, green asparagus and smoked garlic-red wine sauce


Orange-vanilla-yogurt curd with pineapple, mandarin, mango coulis, cookie crumble and vanilla ice cream


A WORD FROM THE CHEF – On a bi-weekly basis Chef Erwin prepares some of the most popular seasonal specials from North Europe which he creates from scratch with the freshest and finest ingredients and products at the time.

Pictured here: Terrine of parma  ham, white fish and salmon with spinach served with tomato salsa and hollandaise sauce – Seasonal Special November 2012

Recipe & plate by Chef Erwin Hüsken / Chef Rob Nollé

Photo by Kenneth Theysen | Timeless-Pixx