Steak Tartare is having a fresh moment at Screaming Eagle

Steak Tartare is having a fresh moment at Screaming Eagle

Raw meat is on the menu. Steak tartare is one of France’s signature dishes and has become fashionable once more.

In a traditional recipe, the premium beef of scintillating freshness is finely chopped, then tossed and seasoned with such ingredients as capers, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, shallot, pickle and parsley and finally served with raw egg yolk, blinq cress and canapes.

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Available September 22 till October 05, 2017


Game pate, terrine made of game served with apple chutney, toasted brioche bread and reduction of balsamic vinegar 24.5

Steak tartare, finely chopped beef tenderloin with shallot, capers, pickle and parsley served with raw egg yolk, blinq cress and canapes 23.5

Creamy baked garlic soup served with mushrooms and parsley 9.5


Sun dried tomato crusted Chilean sea bass served with herb risotto, braised fennel and creamy caper sauce 49.5

Grilled strip loin of American bison served with horseradish mashed potato, Belgium endive gratin and melted blue cheese butter 59.5

Pan fried ostrich fan fillet served with potato gratin, Brussel sprouts with bacon and red wine-porcini sauce 47.5

Homemade spiced popsicle camera icon with poached pear, chocolate crisp and raspberry sauce


A WORD FROM THE CHEF – On a bi-weekly basis Chef Erwin prepares some of the most popular seasonal specials from North Europe which he creates from scratch with the freshest and finest ingredients and products at the time.

Recipe & plate by Chef Erwin Hüsken / Chef Rob Nollé

Photo by Kenneth Theysen | Timeless-Pixx