Power snorkeling tours in Aruba

Power snorkeling tours in Aruba


Allow us to introduce you to a new level of underwater scooters, (called SEABOB).  The SEABOB is the world’s most technically advanced and powerful underwater scooter.   It is your personal submarine that allows you to move gracefully like a dolphin or feel like James Bond on an underwater mission.

We can show everyone from beginners to experienced snorkelers a best coral and marine life in NOORD. We snorkel off the beach in an area called Boca Catalina, Malmok beach and Arashi. We are providing guided tours up to 6 people per group.

About Aruba

Aruba offers enough coral reefs, marine life, and wreck diving to keep scuba divers and snorkelers busy for days. The coastal waters have an average temperature of 80°F (27°C), and visibility ranges from 18 to 30m (59-98 ft.).
The best snorkeling sites are around Malmok Beach and Boca Catalina, where the water is calm and shallow, and marine life is plentiful.

Snorkeling locations

Your adventure begins in your hotel or resort with a click of a button… We will pick you up at the designated time and transport you to our starting point, Boca Catalina Beach. After a brief introduction , we will provide you with a diving mask and wet suite for maximum comfort. Our experienced snorkeling tour guide will then lead you through the turquoise Aruban waters to the most beautiful snorkeling spots in Noord (Malmok, Arashi Beach). The first part of your excursion will focus on snorkeling and observing colorful sea life, and with some luck, you will get to cruise along side sea turtles. During the second portion of your trip, our guide will show you tricks you can do with the SEABOB, like James Bond on an underwater adventure. Upon conclusion of this unbelievable experience we show you footage and photos taken throughout the trip by your dedicated tour guide and provide transportation back to your resort.


All snorkeling tours take approximately 2-2,5 hours

Contact SEABOB

Visit the website here > seabobaruba.com or email seabobaruba@gmail.com