Screaming Eagle | Caribbean’s #1

Screaming Eagle | Caribbean’s #1

Screaming Eagle voted #1 Restaurant in the CaribbeanAruba, Eagle Beach – Congratulations Screaming Eagle on a well-deserved top placement in the Best 50 Restaurants in the Caribbean.
The article published in Caribbean Journal goes on to explain that we travel to understand places, and one of the best ways to gain insight into cultures from around the globe is via food.

True, meals are part of every trip, and meals come in many shapes and sizes, but there are three constants which make a meal great: The taste and quality of the food, the level of service and the restaurant’s décor and ambience. As Caribbean Journal found out, and we totally agree, Screaming Eagle scores highly in all three categories, earning the first place in the online magazine’s third annual 50 Best Caribbean restaurants listing, which reveals all names of all winners from across the region.

Opened in 2007, and dedicated to the innovative French-Fusion cuisine by Chef Erwin Husken, who is a co-proprietor of the restaurant, Screaming Eagle features bi-weekly changing specials with seasonal fresh and popular items next to its already super appealing a la carte menu. As the perfect pairing with its outstanding dishes, the restaurant aims at featuring the most exclusive wine list in Aruba, and in the Caribbean.

So what is Chef Husken’s secret to success? Yes, he can cook. And he is fearless. Unbound and uninhibited by traditions and conventions, chef Erwin feels free to explore tastes and textures to the total delight of the restaurant’ many local and international fans. He makes ceviche like a Peruvian, and handles sashimi like a Japanese chef, he tackled Hungarian duck liver, Jamon Iberico,  soft shell crabs, escargots, USDA steaks, New Zealand lamb, no food is too exotic, too expensive, two finicky, or too much trouble.

Chef Erwin always grabs the bull by its horns, facing the culinary challenge head on, going for the boldly conceived unusual combinations, and coming up with never-before interesting pairings. And patrons respond with great enthusiasm, appreciating the elements of surprise in every item on the menu. As the article states: Chef Erwin Husken, hasn’t just created the signature eatery in Aruba — he’s developed what is the best restaurant in the Caribbean in 2015. This is a cutting-edge, chic restaurant where the food just keeps getting more creative!

The chef’s support staff in the kitchen, bar and dining room, shares the accolades for truly providing caring and professional service, contributing to many memorable dining experiences. The restaurant’s trendy, edgy interior design, including the comfortable lounge beds and ‘Dinner in Bed’ option, serves as the perfect stage for Chef Erwin’s culinary wizardry.

Locals are urged to remember Wine Monday at Screaming Eagle with all wine and champagne by the bottle available at florin pricing instead of dollars.

Press Release Bati Bleki November 26th, 2015